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What's New on v0.0.55
Hourly GOLD bonus activated.
GOLD bonus for all leaderboard people at the end of the round.

What's New on v0.0.54
Friend list feature added.

How to play

This game is a little bit different than others. You can throw bomb to an enemy with D key. You need to spent some GOLD to do it. Also you can add mass to yourself. When an enemy came, just grow and eat it!

How to register

Just click LOGIN and PLAY link on the top of the page. If you haven't register yet, you can directly click to Login / Register button. Use your Google, Twitter, Facebook account to login immediatly or register with your email. When you confirm your email you will get 20 GOLD bonus!

Why to register

Here you can see some fantastic features for registered players:

Create your friendlist and play
Follow your friends and join their game
Save your GOLD,
Protect your nickname,
Throw a bomb,
Add mass to yourself,

How to earn GOLD

All you need to do is visiting us every hour and get your 15 GOLD bonus. You can earn GOLD when you win the round. You do not be the winner being on the leaderboard is enough to get your GOLD.

Here is ranking:
GET 50 GOLD - 1st
GET 45 GOLD - 2nd
GET 40 GOLD - 3rd
GET 35 GOLD - 4th
GET 30 GOLD - 5th
GET 25 GOLD - 6th
GET 20 GOLD - 7th
GET 15 GOLD - 8th
GET 10 GOLD - 9th
GET 05 GOLD - 10th

Space: Split split-icon
grow-icon A: Add Mass
E: Fast Feed feed-icon
bomb-icon S: Bomb
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